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Welcome to the Xa Net Services docs. Please take your time to read through these pages before deploying a setup.
The heart that powers Xa Net Services is the "Relayer" stack, an enterprise-grade renter to harness the capabilities of the distributed datacenter. Put simply, the relayer facilitates S3-compatible buckets and data to be stored and accessed from the ScPrime network. Payments are through Xa Net Services and accessed by your relayer instances using your credentials.
Relayer was designed to be versatile and fit with many common workflows. It is intended to be run on customer hardware, with primarily two options for deployment:
  • On-Premise, Windows & Linux - This will allow you to configure and deploy the relayer stack on your own hardware and network. If you can support this kind of setup, it should yield the highest performance and control.
We are capable of providing ready-to-use relayer hardware for on-prem use; please contact us if this is of interest. Cloud relayers may become available through partners or affiliates at a later date.
On-prem configs work best with reasonably capable hardware and networking. You'll find more on hardware requirements and suggested configurations on the On-Premise Relayer page.
To stay up to date with the latest from Xa Net Services, receive enhanced support, or provide feedback, feel free to join the ScPrime Discord server if you haven't already. You can find relayer-specific channels under the >Community tab, such as #relayer-setup.
Continue learning more about the Relayer stack, and then get started with an On-Prem instance.
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